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Custom Kitchens

November 15th, 2010

Custom kitchen cabinets

Consumers are often confronted with a dilemma of choosing a custom-designed kitchen, speculating that it would, naturally, be more expensive. Not necessarily so.

Choosing a custom-designed kitchen allows the consumer to use his/her imagination and have the kitchen designed to meet this unique needs. It is the specific features of such a kitchen which affect the cost, NOT the mere fact that the kitchen is custom-produced. A custom kitchen allows the inclusion of features such as custom designed vent hoods, columns, corbels, different height cabinets and different style of top moldings.

NIKA Groups Woodworking specializes in custom-designed kitchens; we work with independent designers, contractors (who may have their own designers) and consumers. With our extensive experience with custom cabinet-making we are able to assist consumers directly with their design.

If you can envision a design, we can make that dream a reality.

With custom kitchens we provide you with opportunities to meet your dream, to fit any configuration or size; if your design includes cabinets of non-standard sizes, we will make it; some manufacturers may add fillers to standard sized cabinets, if your design needs a 29.81” cabinet, we’ll make it.

The kitchen is the focal point of your home, a custom cabinet maker lets you expand your imagination and realize your dream.

Henning Norup, President

NIKA Groups Woodworking